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June 18, 2006

The Revival

And so the blog slowly chugs back to life! The engine sputters and sputs and the mechanic wonders if diesel was really the right thing to feed it. But, it slowly pulls through and after a while begins to run a little more smoothly.

I am off to Saxony (Sachsen, Germany) in August on a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship. I have no idea quite what to expect, but I’m sure to find out when I get there. My plan while there: teach English and work on a cookbook. My ideas have changed around a bit over the last year. Aka, the plan for the book:

I hope to collect recipes from the Pacific Northwest, and general American favorites. I will then take them to Germany and find a way to produce them there and write up the recipes. Simultaneously, I hope to find out more about cuisine in Sachsen and general German favorites and then will try to put together a bilingual cookbook: each recipe in German and English, with illustrative pictures to go with it. I aim for the recipes to be as simple and accessible as possible, and know that of course I cannot cover all of these topics completely, and they will simply be representations of what one could eat in these countries. This blog will serve to document my adventures in cooking, as well as teaching, over the summer and through next year.

This summer’s teaching experience will be five weeks of a German language camp at the International Language Camp in conjunction with the German American School of Portland. . It’s my second year there, and as teacher/intern I am in charge of a class of my own this first week (starting tomorrow!). This means lesson planning (yikes!) and basic sink-or-swim mentality. But, the kids are usually forgiving, and I hope to just take in and learn as much as I can.

On that note, it’s off to figure out what to cook for a Parent’s Day dinner (I missed Mother’s Day, so Father’s Day will be for both this year). My thoughts are tending to include wilted spinach with onions and garlic, something I helped my friends cook at the Kosher Kitchen at Smith last year.