Ta da!

So I finally know where I’ll be going next year! It is (almost) official: I will be teaching at the Humboldt Gymnasium in Radeberg, Sachsen. This is about 12 km from Dresden. I have talked with the teaching assistant who was there this last year, and she has made it sound like a fun and exciting year, though not without its challenges. I look forward to getting to know yet another side of Germany and German life as well as living pretty much entirely on my own. Being so close to Dresden is exciting, as I’ll be enrolling at the technical university there (Technische Universität Dresden). Of course, with all my humanities background, I am not qualified to enroll in any of the courses they are known for, so I have enrolled in their Germanistik department. We’ll see how that goes… I am very much looking forward to being so close to a musical and cultural epicenter of Germany and hope to be able to exploit that as much as possible with my student status. :)

The summer day camp is over, and only one more week of overnight looms ahead. It’ll be great fun though, and I’m learning so much. My late neighbor across the street, Mr. Minifie, would ask me when I was an elementary school kid “What did you teach the teacher today?” and I would always laugh and say “No, she taught me!” Little did I know that children are always teaching the older ones.

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  1. ha you are going to live next to the famous brewery of radeberger pils. congratulations and enjoy that!

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