My birthday was this past Saturday, the fifth, and thanks to everyone who sent me messages, postcards, ecards, and who were able to personally wish me well! It really helped me to have a happy birthday. It started Friday night when my boyfriend David and I went up to Portland to see our coworker Anton perform with his band, The Plastic Age, at the Towne Lounge. It was a great evening – we went with a good high school friend, Melissa, and her boyfriend. We stayed up way too late, but David celebrated my birthday at midnight by buying me a gin and tonic. Yum!

My actual birthday was bitter sweet. One of David’s best friends from elementary school through high school passed away in a swimming accident on the coast a couple weeks ago. His celebration of life was Saturday afternoon. It was a wonderful celebration with many of his friends and family there and sharing stories about a wonderful person. It reminded me that our lives are so much shorter and more precious than we tend to realize, and that what matters is nurturing the relationships we have around us.

In the evening I cooked dinner for some family friends, a small dinner party with carrot cake and cream cheese frosting for dessert. It was a wonderful way to end the day – good friends and good food.

Things are slowly shaping up for take-off in nine days. Time flies. Now, where oh where to store my cello for a year? Once I’ve figured that out, I will feel much more comfortable about leaving…

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