Fall Break

Fall break has been a very busy time for me. Throughout my travels I have been accused several times of neglecting my blog by various different people, so here is another bit of opium to keep the masses happy*.

My friend Heather and I had been planning on going to Prague last weekend. We’d both been twice and wanted to do some off-the-beaten-track kind of tourism. However, neither of us knew where to go for such kind of sightseeing, and since we discovered too late that it would take us too long to actually get there by train, our plans sort of fizzled. Instead, we visited a couple of excellent gastronomic places in Dresden on Saturday and then spent the rest of the weekend preventing ourselves from getting sick, and then losing the battle and actually getting the colds we had feared. Our remedy was lots of tea, Tekrum Keksbruch, and an onion and honey cold remedy Heather’s host mother had given her.

Tekrum is a wonderful cookie and pastry company, according to some to be the best in Germany. Established in 1897, it has created such specialties as Mandelmakronen (almond macaroons), Nussecken (nut “squares”), and various other tasty treats. Besides my grandmother’s easy access to the Lake of Constance, she also has a mere 5-minute walk to Tekrum’s outlet store. There you can find all the rejected, though just as tasty, deformed versions of their cookies that don’t pass their strict quality control. The best part: they come in 1-kilo bags for only a couple Euro coins. They are fantastic in the afternoon with tea or coffee, as a dessert after a good evening meal, for breakfast**, or simply to pop in your mouth throughout the day. And they also make wonderful presents for others, as I have yet to meet someone who didn’t like them.

Afer the Tekrum stopped helping our colds, Heather decided to make some of the cold medicine her host mother had made her. It involves thinly sliced onions covered with honey. You let it sit overnight in the refrigerator to let the juices form, and take one tablespoon in the morning and again in the evening. Heather finds the taste leaves much to be desired; however, her host mother and I seem to like the not-so-delicate onion flavor mixed with honey. In any case, it works very well to battle sore throats and coughs. Apparently onions have a lot of healing qualities, and are filled with bacteria-fighting “quercetin”, but I haven’t had a chance to research this more thoroughly.

Well, that’s enough for today. Stay tuned for some Thai chicken recipes, and more tasty sweets.

*Religion not included.
**Not mother-approved

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  1. It’s true, onions are good for fighting infections… I wonder if onion rings count? Honey is also a really good source of energy, they’re carbs that stick around longer than regular sweeteners….

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