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First of all, I’d like to start this post with a big “Happy Birthday Mama!” I love you, and am so proud that you are my mom. Your accomplishments as well as the love you have given your whole family is an inspiration to me. I also love the fact that we can go to southern Germany and Switzerland without a tour book – we just need you to say “This town is famous for its….” I hope you are having a wonderful time with Dad in Morocco!

While my parents roam around the Iberian Peninsula and into Africa, I am sitting here trying to think of things to cook. Inspiration can hit me in the strangest of moments. Sometimes I come up with an idea of something to cook when I’m hungry (this is not strange) and I’ll decide to bake something like crackers (more strange) because the store is closed already and besides, crackers are much too expensive to buy (logical). Other times I’ll be walking to the train station from the frustrating university and see a restaurant sign advertising something, and decide to try it at home, without ever having had the restaurant’s version. And yet, most frequently I will come up with something simply because I’ve heard about it, or I know that this is something key to American or German cuisine, and I should try making it at home.

Logically I should turn to my cookbooks for a decent recipe, though this is sometimes problematic, as at least half of my collection is safely stored away in my parent’s garage in Oregon. My next step is to quest my favorite blogs, though that’s also sometimes an issue because I have to be lucky enough that my blog “friends” have the same interests I do. I use Epicurious on occasion, but only when I want to make something simple (like apple pie) fancy and gourmet (with hazelnuts and dried cherries, or with a cheddar crust). They do sometimes have simple recipes (I just found one for banana bread I wish I had the oven to try out), but you have to sift through the fancy gourmet recipes with ingredients I can’t afford, much less find, here in Radeberg.

So, this usually concludes with me googling for a recipe, which can be very fruitful, but also very dangerous. There are people lurking out there ready for me to fall into their poor recipe trap. However, I do my very best to avoid those bad, bad people. Therefore, my eternal quest is to find a source that is going to give me a decent recipe I can rely on. I’m never going to be the cook who follows a recipe to the letter (nor do I want to be one) but I do like at least starting off with a decent guideline.

And thus I open the comments up to you: and that means you, yes you reading the blog! I agree, the blogosphere is great because you can just sit and read and soak everything in. But here I’m asking you – no, pleading you – to please share with me your recipe resources. These can be on and off the web – what websites, books, blogs, magazines, witches, or wizards do you turn to for a decent recipe? I know you’re out there, and I’d love to hear from you!

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