Saying Goodbye

The pink house on the left corner is my beautiful apartment building in Radeberg

I don’t have a lot of time to post this, so I’m sorry if there are errors. I realize I haven’t posted in a really long time. It’s been busy here. David and I visited friends in Hamburg and Berlin last week, which was a grand time. Both of us caught some kind of bug though, which took me out one day in Berlin, and caught David when we arrived back home. Other than that, and the Bahn locomotive drivers going on strike on our way back to Radeberg, everything was wonderful.

This week we’ve been busy packing everything up. I feel like there is so much stuff in my apartment, but also I feel strangely calm about this whole thing. We’ll see how I feel Sunday morning when we leave for my parent’s house with all my belongings. Tomorrow is going to be busy – aside from packing I am having some of my Sachsen Fulbright friends over for one last brunch (leek quiche with a cornbread crust is on the menu). Then in the evening I am attending my school’s Abiball, which is for all the 12th-grade students who completed their Abitur (high school exams) this year. It’s kind of like our Prom in the States, except that students only have one ever and it’s after everything is over. Needless to say I’m sure there are going to be some incredibly happy students at that party. I’m looking forward to seeing them and many of my teacher colleagues one last time as well. I’m not looking forward to the rumored ballroom dancing that’s going to occur. Why do disco fox and tango have to be on the German curriculum, but not the American?

Now that I’m done here in Germany, you might ask what’s next? Well, that’s a very good question. I’ve been accepted by Boston University’s masters program in gastronomy. There I will start in the fall with a hands-on culinary arts course (I already bought my knives and I have to buy a thermometer and two chef’s coats when I arrive in the States). After the culinary course I’ll continue on with being a part-time student (hopefully employed full time somewhere) learning all about food in the context of history, culture, sociology, anthropology, and so much more. I’m looking forward to it – I have many ideas of what I’ll do with this degree. Food journalism is probably the most tangible one, but I’d love to combine my food degree with my love of teaching languages. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to make that work. In the meantime, David and I are busy packing up my life in Germany, moving back to Oregon where we’ll teach at our favorite language camp again for a week, and then packing up our lives in Oregon for the big move to Boston. But don’t worry, I plan to take the blog with me. I think it’s a great place for me to practice my writing and explore my love of food and culture. Although there may be a bit of silence on this blog for the next few weeks, I can promise you I will pick it up again when things settle down and I’m in Boston. Until then, may your summers be wonderful and safe! Hope to see you all here again soon!

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