La Tartine Gourmande

The other day in my food writing class I had the joy of meeting the charming Beatrice Peltre, or Bea, of La Tartine Gourmande. For two hours she talked to us about her experiences as a blogger, her choice to go full time (!!!), and especially about her fabulous food photography.  As someone who is trying to get her blog up and running, improve hits, and generally make sure I keep the quality of my work constantly improving, it was amazing to meet a fellow perfectionist.
Bea spends hours just on her photography, before editing and writing. The results are inspiring: her blog is the most beautiful food blog I have encountered on the web. She started out making it sound so easy, all anybody needs is internet access, a decent camera, and a desire to cook to start a blog. Nevertheless, throughout her presentation I realized it takes a lot more talent and dedication than anything else.  Looking through all her pictures, and listening to her explain the props and techniques she used, I learned many tips that I’m sure will help me in developing my own style.

When you check out her blog, pay particular attention to her posts on her ski trip to Combloux, in the French Alps, as well as her recent travels to Copenhagen. And, as if her pictures weren’t enough, her sweet, intimate writing and her delectable recipes entice her readers to keep coming.  So grab a cup of tea and curl up with your computer to immerse yourself in Bea’s world of food, travel, and photography.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely note! I am glad you enjoyed the presentation!

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