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March 15, 2008

Beef Chili



I recently got feedback on a paper I wrote for a seasonal dish, in which I had (in my mind) craftily written about the weather’s unpredictability. I was so proud of my kicker: “Like the wind, mists, partial clouds, and barometer swings we’re sure to experience this month, there is a lasagna to get you through every day.” Ingenious! But the feedback, thanks to internet technology, was almost instantaneous. A mere thirty minutes after I clicked “send” it came back to me: “start [by] omitting [the] forecast (so many people use that device this time of year).” My heart sank, but my pen did not. For she’s right: everyone’s writing about the weather.

Instead of moaning about my lack of creativity, I’ve decided to embrace it recently and enjoy this last chance to fire up my oven or make stews before my kitchen gets too hot to even imagine these cooking techniques. Recently I experimented with making chili, arguably America’s #1 stew.