This is a picture of one of the new friends I made while up in Vermont visiting two cheese farms this week: Twig Farm and Blue Ledge Farm.  Twig Farm’s site has posted a bit on their blog about my cheese class’ trip.  I will update myself about it when I get back.

Back from where you ask? I am busy packing for David’s sister’s wedding.  It is being held on a whale watching boat, based in Anacortes, Washington.  I’ve always wanted to vacation in the San Juan Islands, and I’m very much looking forward to it – especially since it coincides with celebrating the end of my first academic semester in grad school!  (*few!*)

Along the way we’ll be visiting friends in Seattle, and basking in the comforting culture and climate of the Pacific Northwest.

In the meantime I am busy packing (including a last-minute race to CVS pharmacy for carry-on size shampoo bottles), and emptying our refrigerator.  Dinner was tasty – we had a green salad with bacon and peanuts in a light balsamic dressing, along with blue-corn nachos topped with ricotta and mango-peach salsa.  An incredibly under-30-minute dinner that was all from our fridge, nourishing, and delicious!  Among the other sacrifices I must make to empty the fridge is finishing up our latest bottle of 2006 Erath Pinot Gris made in Dundee, Oregon.  This has been my favorite wine lately, and the only one I’ve bought in the last month or so!  A great deal for the best American Pinot Gris (or Grigio for that matter) I’ve encountered so far.

I will be back in Boston in a week, so please stay tuned for more news on my adventures in Vermont and Washington!

Peace be with you.

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