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June 23, 2008

Vermont Goat Cheese: Blue Ledge Farm

Our arrival at Blue Ledge Farm was dramatic, as all six of our carpools drove up at the same time, into the farmyard between a classic big red barn and a large, light blue farm house. As we got out of our cars, Hannah Sessions, who runs the farm with her husband Greg Bernhardt, came out to greet us.

Hannah explained to us that the farm was six years old, as old as their oldest child. She laughed as she explained that she gave birth to her daughter and was granted permission to make cheese on her new farm within a couple weeks of each other. It sounded like it’s been a whirlwind ever since!

June 21, 2008

Vermont Goat Cheese: Twig Farm

This spring I took a fascinating class on cheese for part of my master’s degree in Gastronomy.The celebration at the end of the class involved a road trip up to Vermont on a beautiful late-spring day to visit two goat farms: Twig Farm and Blue Ledge Farm.I’m going to post in two installments on this trip, as each farm and experience deserve a proper description.