Summer is…

…peach pie…

Friday evening, David suggested making pizza.  The week’s 90+ weather had finally cooled off with a few thunderstorms.  Time to fire up the oven!  While it was on, I decided to use up the last of our frozen peaches.  Friends were coming into town for the weekend, and what better excuse to make pie?


Our friends brought cherries along with them, and gave them to us when they left.  I’ve proceeded to eat almost the whole bowl singe-handedly!  It is glorious.

Summer is thunderstorms, outdoor concerts, beaches, hiking, sleeping in, gardening, fresh produce, camping, laughter, and sunshine.

Summer is also bugbites, sunburns, work obligations, and too short.

But who has the time to worry about that?  There’s pie to be eaten.

What’s summer for you?

3 Comments to “Summer is…”

  1. I came to find your flammenkuchen recipe that I had used in the past and it says that it was deleted… do you have it posted somewhere else now?

  2. Vielen Dank!

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