The Cooking Has Begun


I spent the first half of the week planning the execution of my menu for Julia Child’s 100th birthday celebration.  I went to the farmer’s market where I procured this bounty of local produce.  I’m already realizing I probably need to buy more garlic.  Yes, three heads is not enough.

I will report back with more details of the process when it’s over, including the menu and a few recipes should you want to host your own celebration. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some non-cooking thoughts.  While I’ve been busy in the kitchen this week, I’ve been listening to a lot of radio podcasts.  There is a clip, from This American Life, that struck me as one of the most creative, beautiful, funny, and painfully sad pieces I have heard in a long time.  It was written and performed by David Rakoff, who died August 9th from cancer.  Aired only a few weeks before Rakoff’s death, it is a tangent to the story of Kafka’s Metamorphosis and the cockroach who reaches out over the Atlantic to a doctor (who speaks only in rhyme) is a beautiful piece of art that everyone – no matter if you’re a German Studies major or not – should listen to. If you can call a radio play written in response to a short story published almost a hundred years earlier “fan fiction,” then this would be the best fan fiction I’ve encountered.

Click here for the story “Oh the Places You Won’t Go”

Note: click on the arrow just below the picture to start the clip. The player starts in the middle of the show, right before Ira Glass introduces the piece.  It’s about 13 minutes long.  If you have the time, the one-hour special on Rakoff’s professional, and personal, life that aired on this week’s This American Life show is a beautiful tribute.

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