I love food.  I love languages.  I love communities.  I love writing.  These all fit into a broad topic called Gastronomy.  This blog is a practical look at how Gastronomy fits into the rest of life.  My interests include (but are by no means limited to) German and American food cultures, blogging communities, coffee house cultures, food history, language acquisition, classical and non-classical music, and last but definitely not least, sharing delicious food with family and friends.

I also use twitter @beyondburgers

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  1. Wow Kerstin hunny your website is sooooo cool! You totally rock! I love food and recipes etc. this is soo going to be my little hotspot for nabbing ideas now for guests lol! Very cool my dear, very cool! Love all the different categories too..practical and def. easy to find! Well done you, you utter genius german speaking chef! xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Kerstin,
    I just gave your blog to my next door neighbor, Debbie Faast, because she was telling me how she was going to make truffles for our upcoming fund raiser for the Arts Council. I told her about your wonderful, chocolate truffles, and she said she would like to exchange recipes or ideas. So you will be hearing from her. Great to see you and hope the spring is bursting forth–Love, Libby

  3. Thanks Libby for sharing the blog! Please do direct her to my post on truffles,


    If she is wanting to coat the truffles, she’ll most likely have to temper the chocolate. I found Jacques Torres’ helpful (and fun) video on youtube gave me a lot of initial information:


    Good luck and let me know how the fundraiser and truffles turn out!

  4. Hello!
    I got hungry for Chinese and looked up Tong King Gardens. The only site that came up was a page that mentioned it, but didn’t look promising. I started reading anyway and thought, “This sounds a lot like Sarah’s family.” So I started trying to figure out who wrote it. And there to my amazement was a photo of Kerstin! So cool, so random, and it made my day. I think about my meals with your family warmly. Now I have a new and wonderful looking place for recipes. Looks like you’re having fun. Let’s stay in touch!
    Love, Jenny

  5. Do the folks at the goat dheese farms have a booklet
    for sale items. If so e mail me and i;ll send my address in Pa,

  6. Betty, thanks for your interest in the cheeses! In addition to selling at some shops in New England, both farms sell their cheese directly from their websites.

    Twig Farm’s online shop: http://www.twigfarm.com/shop.php
    Blue Ledge Farm’s online shop: http://www.blueledgefarm.com/products.php

    Also, if there is one in your area, ask your local cheese shop to carry their cheeses. They are great people preserving land and traditions that otherwise may disappear all too easily.

  7. I’ve been missing your postings–
    we share a love of SW German cuisine, and I have shared recipes based on yours with friends (attributed with reference, of course!). Where have you landed? Are you still blogging out there somewhere? Let us know what’s happening…

    • Thank you Becky! I am still here, and hoping to return to blogging soon. I am so happy to know that there are (still) people out there interested in my blog and sharing it with their friends. I will return soon, I promise!

  8. Hi there,
    I’m an English teacher in Mexico and next semester I will be teaching gastronomy students. I was wondering if it is ok with you to use some of your writing for my classes and very likely for tests. I love your writing and I think it will provoque my students to use their dictionaries. Please do let me know if taking your material is somehow “not cool” and I might still take it but feel terribly bad about it.
    saludos, Karen.

    • Karen, Thank you for reaching out to me and wanting to use my writing! I am flattered. I am happy for you to use my writing as long as you use FULL CITATION as per a proper style guide (MLA, Chicago, APA, or whatever appropriate style guide is used in your country/field). As an educator, I trust you know that it is NEVER okay to use material without permission and without full citation. It is NOT okay for anyone to use any or all of my writing and/or photographs on another website or printed material without my permission, and definitely not to call it their own.

      Chicago Manual of Style has an extensive guide online on how to use citations, including websites like this one: http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html

      For more information on plagiarism, please visit: http://www.plagiarism.org/

      All that said, please let me know which posts you would like to use and what program you will be using it in. I am both curious and would like to know for tracking purposes. Thanks!

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