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February 23, 2013

Portland Oregon Sign


It’s been six months since I last posted.  I never gave you all a round-up of my deliciously fun Julia Child birthday dinner. I didn’t tell you about the Un-Turkey Day feast David and I served in our new apartment (we served brisket to our families the Saturday after Thanksgiving).  I haven’t told you of our new, beautiful dining room table (though now I have – see it below? I’m in love with it).  I haven’t shared with you my new burr coffee grinder or my discovery of carrots as a delicious mid-morning work snack (whole carrots, not the yucky baby ones).



Maybe it’s because when you move across the country like we did this past year, you rip up so many roots, realize what you’ve left behind, and spend a lot of time discovering all the wonderful new things around you.  Maybe it’s because I’ve spent so much energy on being in Oregon (yay!) and not with my friends in Boston (boo!) that I haven’t had the strength to log on here.

A friend of mine told me the other day about a pastor who traveled for a few weeks with a nomadic tribe in Africa.  One day, all the men in the tribe packed up their tents but instead of moving on, they just sat down on the ground refusing to continue.  Nervous he had done something to offend them, the pastor found out (through several translators) that they had decided they had traveled too far the day before, and had to wait for their souls to catch up.  So they waited.


Packing Boxes


I feel like my soul, or whatever you want to call that part of my being, took the road trip we didn’t have time to take, and then decided to extend it to include some sightseeing.  It’s probably in the Chicago art museum, or maybe it’s made it to Glacier National Park.  I’m not quite sure, but I know it’s not yet here with me in Oregon.

And that means, it’s been hard to blog.  I haven’t decided what I want to have my next identity here be. I wrote an entire Master’s thesis on the meaning of online identities but I have no idea what mine is yet.  I’m now working professionally in educational tourism, and while it’s a seemingly simple jump from there to culinary tourism, I don’t know what that would look like on this blog.  This site has gone from an unsuccessful attempt at crowd-sourcing recipes, to a journal of my Fulbright year, to a chronicle of my degree in Gastronomy, to a half-hearted attempt at continuing the blog through photography and various food topics. Now, I’ve suddenly lost my narrative.

So bear with me, as I wait for my soul to catch up and I find my virtual identity.  I promise, in one form or another, I’ll be back.

May 1, 2008

News in Food Archives!

The News in Food Archive has moved to:

Please update your links.  Thanks!

January 17, 2008

New Year, New Blog!

Welcome to the newest incarnation of Beyond Burgers and Bratwurst.  I’m glad you made it over.  Please don’t forget to update your links and bookmarks to:

Check out my latest post on Graham Crackers below, and stay tuned for my new weekly series (details to come!).

November 17, 2006

New Haircut!

I realize it has been a long time since my last post, and I have to slightly disappoint even further because I’m not posting a recipe. However, exciting things have happened in Radeberg that will, in the long run, benefit the blog greatly: earlier this week I received two packages in the mail. Inside these wonderful boxes were (drum roll please) my DSL modem and wall plug-in. I finally have high-speed internet access in my apartment! The company is called “Alice,” and they have been very helpful and kind. The Deutsche Telekom (German national phone company, the “mother” company of T-Mobile) can definitely learn from Alice’s customer service. But that is another story, and I should just say it is much more complicated than my earlier postings on bureaucracy and still doesn’t have an end.

In all, I am only slightly disappointed that I have had to “give in” to the internet revolution. I had almost hoped I could survive without easy access to high-speed internet. However, it has become such a useful reference and communication tool for me: I can now use Skype to call my family and friends, I use the OED and Encyclopedia Britannica online, and I have been downloading podcasts and newspapers all week long. I finally feel connected with the world around me.

To celebrate my internet access I have updated the look of my blog. I hope the more neutral background will help accent my photography and be less distracting when reading the posts. I hope you enjoy the new haircut and please come back to read another food update later this weekend.

June 18, 2006

The Revival

And so the blog slowly chugs back to life! The engine sputters and sputs and the mechanic wonders if diesel was really the right thing to feed it. But, it slowly pulls through and after a while begins to run a little more smoothly.

I am off to Saxony (Sachsen, Germany) in August on a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship. I have no idea quite what to expect, but I’m sure to find out when I get there. My plan while there: teach English and work on a cookbook. My ideas have changed around a bit over the last year. Aka, the plan for the book:

I hope to collect recipes from the Pacific Northwest, and general American favorites. I will then take them to Germany and find a way to produce them there and write up the recipes. Simultaneously, I hope to find out more about cuisine in Sachsen and general German favorites and then will try to put together a bilingual cookbook: each recipe in German and English, with illustrative pictures to go with it. I aim for the recipes to be as simple and accessible as possible, and know that of course I cannot cover all of these topics completely, and they will simply be representations of what one could eat in these countries. This blog will serve to document my adventures in cooking, as well as teaching, over the summer and through next year.

This summer’s teaching experience will be five weeks of a German language camp at the International Language Camp in conjunction with the German American School of Portland. . It’s my second year there, and as teacher/intern I am in charge of a class of my own this first week (starting tomorrow!). This means lesson planning (yikes!) and basic sink-or-swim mentality. But, the kids are usually forgiving, and I hope to just take in and learn as much as I can.

On that note, it’s off to figure out what to cook for a Parent’s Day dinner (I missed Mother’s Day, so Father’s Day will be for both this year). My thoughts are tending to include wilted spinach with onions and garlic, something I helped my friends cook at the Kosher Kitchen at Smith last year.